How To Play

Workout Modes

Select Indoor or Outdoor Modes.

In Outdoor mode, players need to select a Terrain Mode and Bike outdoors respectively to the terrain chosen. With Indoor mode, players can experience the Metaverse, benefit from chat features to connect with friends and family, and enjoy the creative imagery available through Virtual Reality backgrounds.


Cycle in Metaverse
Earn BKV

BikeN Cross Country Mode

Cross Country Mode

Players in the Metaverse are encouraged to complete checkpoints to earn higher amounts of BKV and travel long distances in the Metaverse to earn distance points for leaderboard ranking.


Cycle with Your Friends
Earn BKN


When a Bike is minted, the durability is predetermined by the quality of the Bike. As players navigate through different terrains, the quality of the Bike allows the players to earn more BKN and BKV per mile traveled.

Earnings Per Mile in BKN & BKVStreet ModeRoad ModeCross Country ModeMultiple Terrains Mode
Pro *OptimalOptimalOptimalOptimal

Wear & Tear

As the player moves and cycles through different modes, there are terrain levels that affect the durability and need for repair of a Bike.

Terrain LevelWear and Tear Condition
Street Mode 3Rough
Road Mode 2Light
Cross Country Mode1Best
Multiple Terrains Mode4Tough

Bike Quality

The quality of the Bike also determines the durability and need for repair. The higher the quality, the more durable and less need to repair, resulting in optimal earning potential of BKN and BKV. Also the higher the Bike’s quality, the higher the repair cost.



A comfortable and agile bike should allow you to ride for hours on end.  Upgrades to your BIKEN NFT include Seat, Gear, Frame, Handlebars, and Wheels.

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